Calligraphy Services

Go for a luxurious and unique look for your event, wedding or dinner.
Whether it is about the opening of a store, company event, product launch or a summer wedding, calligraphy always provides a personal touch!

You can contact me for:

Addressing envelopes
Calligraphy of names on certificates 
Place cards
Wedding vows in Calligraphy
Family tree Calligraphy 
Illuminated initials

Envelope Calligraphy

You can choose different inks.
Black, walnut (sepia) and white.
Gold colour (additional cost)

You can choose from the following calligraphic styles: Copperplate (formal writing), Modern calligraphy (more playful), Spencerian script (fine writing) or a combination with small capitals.

Decorated envelopes are possible

The prices listed below apply from february 1, 2022

Please keep in mind

Hi, I'm Petra

The first thing your guests will see about your special day is the envelope that contains your carefully chosen invitation.
Let it shine too! I am happy to help!
The sound of the pen on the paper, the wet ink ….. even after 18 years this continues to fascinate me!

Petra Koyen, Calligrapher Graceful Letters Calligraphy

Petra Koyen

Feel free to contact us.
Let me know what your wishes are and when the wedding / event will take place. Then we look together to what’s possible.