The Graceful Flourish

Create beautiful decorations with the Triangle brush!

Leaves, flowers ……. butterfly’s

With a few simple strokes you can make beautiful decorations using the Triangle or wedge brush.
Make your addressed envelope, text, name card, … really stand out with these decorations!

We start with the pointed pen, get to know the Triangle brush, we form leaves, flowers and we will combine everything into a beautiful piece of art!

And that’s not all! We also are going to make some Christmas decorations!
I’m already looking forward to it!  How about you?

In this video below, I show how to decorate a quote with pointed pen decorations and Triangle brush.

What's included?

The online course ‘The Graceful Flourish’ consists of 4 lessons and a Lesson with Christmas decorations. You get access to 10+ videos with instruction sheets provided for each lesson. These are downloadable PDF files.
You get Lifetime access + a Bonus lesson!

At each lesson a project is suggested, you get acces to a private facebook group where you can show your work.

Lesson 1

In this lesson we start with the pointed pen.
Fine leaves, wheat strokes, placement of the leaves and making groups.
Extra: some nice designs with flowers ….. and colored pencils.

Triangle brush decorations

Lesson 2

Introduction to the Triangle brush.
We go from the basic strokes to forming leaves.
We will look at single, double and curled leaves. I also show some applications.

Watercolour flowers

Lesson 3

Making flowers, this requires a different technique than the leaves.
We will make a hydrangea and combine it with leaves and pointed pen decorations.

Special thanks

Lesson 4

What else can we make with the Triangle brush?
We are going to make some more flowers and my favorite ….. a butterfly.
As a final project we will combine everything!

Watercolour decorations with Triangle brush

Christmas decorations

In this lesson we are going to make some beautiful christmas decorations. Holly leaves, Pine needles and a step by step christmas tree with pointed pen.

Bonus Lesson

Watercolor decorations

There is more!

With great pleasure I also show you how to make bamboo with the Triangle brush!

Online course 'The Graceful Flourish'

Access to 4 lessons
A Christmas Lesson
More than 10 videos in which all techniques and projects are demonstrated
More than 45 instruction pages (PDF download)
A Bonus lesson: Bamboo
Lifetime Access!!
Access to the Private Facebook group ‘The Graceful flourish’

Total price for the online course

54,50 €

Which materials do I need?

Below is a list of materials, these are suggested materials, you are welcome to use what you have in your home.

Triangle Brush: These are available in different sizes. Available online at Rosemary and Co Artists brushes, I usually use the triangle brush of series 318 Golden Synthetic Triangular point, size 10.
There is also the Series 40 Triangular brush – Pyramid shaped Squirrel hair, also available in different sizes.
There may be other brushes that give roughly the results than with the Triangle brush, but I have no experience with that.

Paper: I use regular printing paper for practice. I also like to use watercolor paper from Arches HP 90lb or Saunders Waterford HP 300g. Black Canson paper is also a favorite!
Paint: If possible, try to use paint in tubes, this can be both watercolor paint and gouache. I myself use gouache from Winsor & Newton, but other brands will certainly be fine too. Colors of your choice.
Pointed pen: To make the fine leaves I use the pointed pen, my favorite is the Zebra G nib. Other pointed pens wil be fine as well.
Pen holder: An oblique or straight pen holder.
If you do not have pointed pens and / or pen holders, no problem, you can also make these leaves with fineliners.
Ink: Walnut ink, iron gall ink or whatever ink you have in your home, you can also write calligraphy and make fine leaves with diluted paint.
Pencil: a regular HB pencil or mechanical pencil
Paper towel

Some more materials that are fun to use
Dr. Ph. Martins Bleedproof white
Sakura Gelly roll pen (glitter pen)
Liquid pearls
Finetec gold
Dr. Ph. Martins Iridescent Copperplate gold


I would recommend this, in the videos I only use the Triangle brush.
I personally think this is a fantastic brush, you can make so many different strokes using this brush.
There are probably other brushes where you can get about the same results, but I have no experience with that.

After registration you will have direct access to the full course. You will have lifetime access!

If you register for the course, you will receive an email with your login details after confirmation. These are a username and a password. Go to the website and click on log in, here you can enter your username and password. You will have access to the course you are enrolled for, click on it and you will see the full content.

Of course!! All necessary instruction pages are provided for each lesson. These are ready for download. Print them so that you can follow the video instruction well.
These files are for your own use! May I ask not to pass them on, because it takes a lot of time to prepare them. Thank you.

I do not give personal feedback on this course, just to keep the cost of the course on the low side.
You can show your work in the private Facebook group. I will certainly take a look at your work and provide limited guidance if necessary.

Of course!
I will show step by step how you can use this brush. The different techniques are filmed from two points of view.
Remember that – as always with something new – it takes practice to master the technique.

Do you have another question?   Please ask here.