Free Workbook Calligraphy

Want to learn Calligraphy?

I can only recommend it!
Calligraphy gives so much peace, relaxation, just take a moment to yourself.

If you want to learn calligraphy, you really start with the beginning and that is not with pen and ink ….. but with pencil!
And not with letters and words but with …… the basic shapes and movements.

I still practice and write a lot with pencil myself, even after 16 years of experience. It is and remains the ideal way to practice calligraphy!
If you are successful with pencil to make the strokes and movements, it will work afterwards with pen and ink.

Build a solid foundation!

With this free workbook you will build a good and solid foundation. This book is for absolute beginners as well as for people who already have some experience, it never hurts to return to the basics.

The book contains 24 pages with  instructions and practice sheets.

What can you expect from this workbook?
All basic strokes of the Copperplate alphabet (+ VIDEO !!!) are covered, but not only that!
You will also get to know the Most important exercise of Spencerian script + VIDEO !!! And another nice Bonus, make a work of art  with a fun movement exercise!

The basic strokes/movements without shadow.

Learn Calligraphy

This workbook contains.

General explanation and some instructions about the writing position for right and left handers.
Instructions on warm-up exercises and Copperplate basic strokes.
1. Practice sheet warm-up exercises
2. The upstroke
3. The downstroke
4. Combination of the upstroke and downstroke
5. The lead-in stroke
6. The ascender- and descender loops
7. The underturn
8. The overturn
9. The compound curve
Practice sheet
+ VIDEO with the basic strokes

Spencerian script
The most important exercise + practice sheet

A fun ending
Artwork with a movement exercise

Pick up your pencil and go for it!

Have Fun!!


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